Thursday, September 22, 2011


June was a pretty low key month. Val and Jeff were also staying with my parents while we were there for the summer so we had a blast being with them so much. They used to live in Texas and that was just way too far and we hated not getting to see them very often. Halle wanted to have a camp out so we did one in the back yard. This impacted my entire summer/life up until this point. I have been addicted to smores ever since about June 17th. I am seriously a junkie. I make them all the time (like once or twice a day) in the microwave. Its a serious problem in my life. Winston's colic finally started to go away and he was still a little fussy in the evenings but nothing like the beginning of his life. I turned the big 27 and my silly mom tried to trick me and told me she would be out of town but happily she came home on my birthday with a present from Anthro, what more could a girl want? When Winston turned 4 months, Val and I decided it was time to feed him some rice cereal. We quickly realized that he was still not quite ready for solids so he had his first taste of solids but we didn't like officially start solids until around 6 months. Nursing also finally because much easier and stopped hurting every single time. It only took us 3 and a half months to get it down. Oh and how could I forget? A monumental thing happened on June 30th, Maverick opened in the Tri-Cities. It was one of the best days of the whole summer!

favorite summer outfit for hot days

lovin' life
giving Aunt Val some love
we call this "angel face"
honestly, I die! He is the love of my life!
we heart Auntie Karly
our camping trip
big boy toys

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