Friday, September 23, 2011


We had a lot of fun in July!
First off my mom's birthday is on the 4th so we LOVE being with her every year! She is such a blessing to our family. She is always doing so much for everyone. She is the best mom out there and hopefully I can be half as good of a mom as she is because honestly I couldn't live with out her.
We were house sitting for my mom's friend who lives right on the river in Pasco so we had basically the best view in town of the fire works. There was also a pool there so Winston went swimming for the very first time. He did alright, he didn't hate it but he didn't love it. He basically tolerated it and most napped and enjoyed being outside.
Mike's mom and little brother came and visited for the month of July so we had fun spending time with them.
On July 17th Winston rolled over for the first time and we were pretty proud! Mike was in Yakima but I am pretty awesome and managed to get it on video for him!
Lisa and Benson got to come up to visit for few days before Benson started work. Lisa is the baby whisperer in the family and she lived up to her title. We went hiking and out to eat and played with our babies the whole time. It was the best and we miss her like crazy!
One of the best parts of the summer came the very last weekend of July! We met our besties, the Sorensons in Seattle for a Mariners game! Mike has dreamed of taking his son to baseball games since I have known him so it was fun to go to the first one. Winston was a champ and did pretty dang good at the game. We got to stayed the night with Mikes aunt and uncle who we love to see and then spent the next day doing fun stuff in Seattle since Alex and Emily had never been before. It was a great way to spend the weekend!

he is crazy, what can I say?
best niece ever, I miss her so much!
She loves her cousin, he is a little scared
Not a happy baby but look at that awesome view of the river!
Look out cute those dang boys are, and aunt lulu looks pretty good too!
he was seriously memorized by her
best day of Mike's life I think
It was even SuperSonic celebration night, Mike LOVED it, he got to see his childhood hero, Gary Payton
Just a fat baby

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