Friday, September 23, 2011


Oh August, you flew by way too fast! Winston and I moved back to Portland the first weekend in August and we were SO sad to leave my parents and Val but excited to be back in our apartment and see all of our wonderful friends in Lake Oswego! Before we left we went to "Splash Down Cove" and the court club with Val and her kids and it was so fun! Winston loved the water and just sat there and splashed. Mike didn't get to come back until the middle of August but when he got back Winston had a new trick for his daddy, we was sitting up all by himself! We were so proud of him. Mike got home on August 19th which happens to be our 5th anniversary. My amazing parents came over pretty much just to babysit for us so that we could have our first date since we had Winston. It was such a good night! We went to the Macaroni Grill and saw the Help which was soooo good. We were gone for 5 whole hours (the longest I have ever been away from that little cutie) and he was an angel for his nana. We had a whole week to hang out as a family before Mike had to start school again. Thankfully this is the last time he has to do that! He graduates in May and we are SO excited to see where we end up!

Here are some fun facts on Winston from the month:
he loves drinking from a straw (a true Stauffer)
he is super playful and loves peek-a-boo
his hair started coming in on the back of his head
he LOVES the bath
no more crying in the car seat (Seriously, thank the Lord, it was a long 4 months of that)
his favorite foods are peas and oatmeal and sucking on the occasional red vine :)

Last first day of school ever! I am so proud of him, look at that future lawyer :)

ridiculous, I cannot even say how much I love waking up to this every day!

being a big boy

snuggling with papi, look at that thigh!

At the fish hatchery

sitting up in the primary room

Ugh, cutest thing I have ever seen
just a cute fat baby
Splash Down Cove!!!!
Just sitting up in his crib, NBD

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