Friday, September 23, 2011


This month has been so nice, we are finally all back home together, hanging out with our friends, what can we say, life is pretty good. Mike is back to school and working at the bookstore. Winston and I love to go visit him and walk through the park by his school. We go running just about every morning and I push King Winston in the jogger while he sleeps. He is crawling and can get anything we leave on the floor so we have to watch him like crazy. We finally broke down and got him a high chair and I wish I would have done it about 3 months ago. Winston and I went to Kennewick for Labor Day to visit Bobbie since she came home to visit and had fun with the cousins. Its been a crazy summer but we are ready for fall. We have been loving us some BYU football and pretty much have moved in with the Sorenson's every Saturday this month to watch football with them. I start school on Monday so sleeping in until 9:30 is going to end so I am pretty bummed about that :) and there you are, we are FINALLY all caught up on our blog!

So hilarious, this is what he does in the back seat now
I decided after this we need to dress alike way more often
Best hat ever
loves his daddy
all of the babies with Aunt Bobbie
love the football binky
He is ready for fall with his cardy
his favorite place to take a nap!


Bobbiejane said...

He's so cute I can't handle it!!!!! I love his little face, and I'm excited to read our Henrietta Lacks book! Yay HeLa cells!

Ashley May said...

Oh my goodness Lacey he is so cute! I need to see him in person. Me, you and Katie need to do a playdate soon that would be so fun. I love the pic of you guys matching... and I love the one with his little cardigan.